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Global Presence & Partnerships

In all over the world and through our network and partners, you will find dedicated professionals ready to deliver results that give your business the competitive edge.

— Global Locations

We understand the importance of being able to provide support globally when working with our clients. Our unrivalled scale of access to vendors and products worldwide means we are always ideally positioned to meet your needs.

Here at J&G Procurement and Logistics, we have been trusted by many of the world’s leading oil & gas, mining, energy, construction and civil engineering operators and contractors. We have developed strong, strategic partnerships across the globe in which these partnerships allow us to be ideally placed to provide you with the best possible service in the industry.

— P & L Solutions Everywhere You Need to Be

Get scalable solutions through the J&G Procurement and Logistics blend of owned assets and highly vetted and trained partner network. We deliver consistent P & L solutions utilizing standardized processes that can be applied anywhere in the world. Whether you’re looking for regional, domestic or international supply chain solutions, we serve our clients and their customers wherever you need us.

As well as having locations worldwide, we also have a wide range of access to vendors and products meaning we are always ideally positioned to meet your needs.

— Our Partnerships

Our name (J&G Procurement and Logistics) is one to be proud of – under our umbrella, we have a few exceptional companies that proudly represent the our brand. These companies not only embody our values and ethos, but also bring their own unique expertise and passion to the table.

With their unwavering dedication and commitment, they work hand in hand with us to deliver exceptional products and services that exceed expectations. Together, we forge ahead, united by our shared values and a common vision for excellence.

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